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About Me

...and how the rag dolls came to life

My name is Hülya. I live in Istanbul / Turkey am happily married and have a daughter named Zeynep. Like many of you, I studied and when I graduated, started working as a white collar with high heels.

I got married and gave birth to my daughter. I wanted to be a mother before white collar. I put my high heels on the shelf and took care of my child at home. Witnessing its growth, a pile of plastic began to form in the house with each passing day. Some smelt bad, others hurt when broken. I decided to make a toy for my daughter that does not smell and does not hurt. I borrowed my mom's sewing machine. I had neither fabric knowledge nor complete sewing knowledge. I did not give up… and at the end of 4 months I was able to create my own rag doll patterns.

In 2016, I offered my first rag dolls for sale. My first sales on Instagram and Etsy were very exciting. My motivation increased and I continued to make rag dolls so that all children can access the nature they deserve.

I turned a room of my home into a workshop in Istanbul and I continue to produce rag dolls and spread them all around the world from there.

I hope to welcome you soon


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