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handmade fabric dolls for children 

online handmade doll shop

Welcome to my small rag doll world!


You can find rag dolls for your little ones for playing and sleeping with or decorating your home. All the content are made after myown pattern and design.

Please contact me if have any questions  :)

fabric dolls for babies and kids

Why ikibondo rag dolls?

​Well, this is good question and there are many answers as well. But the first I would say is that these rag dolls are durable and sustainable. They are absolutely harmless, slow made and free of any chemicals.I trust all the materials I use for making these dolls. High quality materials such as oeko-certified skin fabric, 100% cotton fabric, anti-allergenic stuffing and cotton yarns are the components of the rag dolls. 
You can browse my shop for available dolls.
If you want something special, then contact me and let's design something unique just for you


For wholesale please contact me!

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